Quick Start

You can instantiate an instance of CoinpaprikaAPI-py like so:

import coinpaprikaAPI
coinpaprika = coinpaprikaAPI.Coinpaprika()

Using the coinpaprikaAPI instance, you can then interact with Coinpaprika’s API:

# Get all coins
all_coins = coinpaprika.coins()

# Get coin by ID
bitcoin_data = coinpaprika.coin("btc-bitcoin")

# Get tickers for all coins
all_coin_tickers = coinpaprika.tickers(quotes="USD,BTC")

# Get ticker by ID
bitcoin_ticker_data = coinpaprika.ticker("btc-bitcoin")

# Get all exchanges
all_exchanges = coinpaprika.exchanges()

# Get exchange by ID
binance_exchange_data = coinpaprika.exchange("binance")